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Sewanee in France and the Francophone World

The Department of French and French Studies offers its own six-week summer program in France or in a Francophone country for motivated students who have fulfilled the language requirement and are anxious to improve their fluency and learn more about French and Francophone culture, history, and literature on site. Students should begin exploring their options no later than mid-November of the academic year prior to their intended departure. Students interested in this program should contact Professor Aymeric Glacet.

French and French Studies majors are expected to spend at least a semester studying in France, and majors in other fields of study may be interested in doing likewise. For stays longer than a summer, Sewanee makes use of its affiliate status with various programs to send students to Nantes, Paris, and many other destinations. 

In 2014, the Sewanee Summer  program will take place in Paeete, Tahiti, capital of French Polynesia. The program will be based in the Horizons Francophones, French as a Foreign Language School. You will live with a carefully selected family in Papeete from the 24th of May to the 20th of June. This arrangement will have a major impact on the linguistic, cultural, and intellectual quality of your experience in French Polynesia. Pre-requisite to participate in the 2014 SSIF: French 104.

You will take classes on French language in the morning (the program offers two full-course credits, French 320: Advanced Language Abroad, and French 321: Studies in the Culture and Literature Abroad), and you will participate in cultural activities in the afternoon (5 extra curricular activities per week such as exploration of the island, Tahitian dancing, swimming with dolphins, Polynesian weaving, vanilla plantation, Moorea overnight stay, swimming with rays and sharks, Polynesian music and singing workshop, Polynesian pirogue, all-road excursion, folk art museums, etc.) as well as during the weekends.

We will end the program in Hiva Oa, final home of French painter Paul Gauguin and Belgian singer Jacques Brel for one week during which we will discover the historical and cultural heritage of the Marquesas Islands. The program will end on the 27th of June, 2014.

The cost for participating in the 2014 program is $8,000, a price that did not change since 2008. It does not include round-trip airfare from the US to Papeete (Faa’a International Airport) because some of you may have frequent flyer miles you can use and you are not all flying out from the same US airport. However, the cost includes tuition, room and board for a month in Tahiti as well as travel, room and board in the Marquesas Island of Hiva Oa located 900 miles away. Pocket money is your responsibility. It is important to note that this total price is comparable to or less than other Sewanee programs and US summer programs elsewhere in Francophone countries. The exchange rate during summer time varies a lot, and I am working very hard to make sure you will enjoy Tahiti as much as possible.

The Sewanee Summer program offers close contact between French professors and international students, individual and group tutoring, exposure to a rich spectrum of French and Francophone life and society, a variety of activities, and of course language study. The program is offered every other year, and you do not want to miss this amazing opportunity to live and study in the French Polynesia while completing the requirement for a minor or a major in the Department of French and French Studies.

Please find attached the 2014 SSIF Application form


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