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La Maison Française

The French House

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The French House (La Maison française) was founded in 1973 and is located at 230 Texas Avenue, near the Fowler Center. Set on a large and shady lot, the house is a ten-minute walk from the central part of campus. The downstairs areas are the common spaces, including a handsome foyer, a dining room, a living room, a TV room for showing French-speaking films and for receiving French programming via satellite, and a well-equipped kitchen. Upstairs, eight students share four bedrooms, each with a separate study corner and a connecting bathroom.

The Head Resident, always a native from France, lives in an apartment on the first floor and is responsible for overseeing the semestral program of activities; these include lectures, film projections, parties, dances, dinners, and talent shows. And sometimes residents embark on excursions to Chattanooga or to Nashville to see a French film or play. The purpose of the French House is to promote the French language as well as French and Francophone culture.

Thus, the official language there is French. The French Department maintains close ties with the French House and its residents during the year. Living in the French House for at least a semester is strongly recommended of all French and French Studies majors, and minors and other French enthusaists are also encouraged to apply.

Fridien et Arthur discutent le Cameroun. Mars, 2014

Marion Raimbault et Zita Monori à la Fête de Noël, 2013

Audrey Yatdon-Tchoukoua entonne les cantiques de Noël, 2013.

Claire Suraqui, directrice d'un excellent programme à Paris, retrouve Kate Campbell. Fall, 2013

Marie Doucedame, illustratrice au Musée national d'histoire, nous régale de ses images. Fall, 2013

Roger-Michel Allemand nous parle. Spring, 2013

A student who studied abroad in Senegal shares her experiences at a French House gathering. Fall, 2013

Halloween at French House, 2011

Sewanee: The University of the South