• Learn about events dealing with French and Francophone culture throughout the Southeast promoted by the French Embassy of the United States
  • Learn about the French House and view the Schedule of Events planned for the Fall Semester, 2014
  • Learn about studying abroad through the Sewanee Fall Semester in Paris program.
  • Find out about how to complete a major in French and French Studies through the Outcomes and Objectives section
  • The French Table meets every Monday at noon at the end of the nave in McClurg Dining Hall
  • French Tutoring Schedule for Spring, 2015 at the E.L. Kellermann Language Resource Center (Gailor 225)

          Lundi: Lenna 8:50-9:50

          Mardi: Owen 13:00-16:00

          Mercredi: Fridien 12:30-14:30

          Jeudi: Fridien 11:30-13:30

          Vendredi: Lenna 8:50-9:50

          You may also try the tutors during their departmental hours where they will be sitting in the lounge at the end of the French hall of Gailor

          Lundi: 12:30-15:30 Owen & 13:00-16:00 Camille

          Mardi: 13:00-16:00 Camille & 8:00-9:30 Lenna & 11:30-14:30 Fridien

          Mercredi: 13:00-16:00 Camille & 8:50-9:50 Lenna

          Jeudi: 8:00-9:30 Lenna