French Courses

FREN 103     Elementary French I  (4)

An intensive course in the basic elements of the language: pronunciation, structure of sentences, conversation, and reading. Use of language laboratory required. Four hours of class per week. Prerequisite: Placement.

FREN 104     Elementary French II  (4)

An intensive course in the basic elements of the language: pronunciation, structure of sentences, conversation, and reading. Use of language laboratory required. Four hours of class per week. Prerequisite: FREN 103 or placement.

FREN 203     Intermediate French  (4)

An intensive course in more advanced elements of the language: pronunciation, structure of sentences, conversation, and reading. Use of language laboratory required. Four hours of class per week. Prerequisite: FREN 104 or placement.

FREN 300     Advanced French  (4)

A continuation of the study of advanced French language, leading to readings from various authors, periods, genres, and Francophone countries. Specific grammatical structures are studied parallel to the readings, and progress in oral and written French is also stressed. The standard course for completing the language requirement and prerequisite normally required for courses counting in the major or minor. Prerequisite: FREN 203 or placement.

FREN 301     Discovering Paris  (4)

An interdisciplinary survey of Paris seen through history, culture, literature, and the arts. This course traces the development of Paris from its foundation by Gaulish boatmen of the Parisii tribe to its current status as a global city. Cinema, art, literature, and computer-mediated virtual tours are used to analyze the evolution of major political and cultural events in Parisian history. Taught in English. Does not count toward a French and French Studies major nor minor. Prerequisite: FREN 203.

FREN 313     Writing and Speaking French  (4)

Advanced language review and emphasis on accuracy of expression with intensive writing on diverse themes. Development of oral expression and vocabulary expansion; materials used include audio, video, and electronic sources, as well as readings. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or placement.

FREN 314     Introduction to Literature, Culture, and History of the French-Speaking World  (4)

Readings in representative authors, themes and periods from France and from other Francophone countries. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or 301 or placement.

FREN 320     Advanced Language Abroad  (4)

A course designed to increase oral and written proficiency by offering students the opportunity to live and study in France, generally during the same time-frame as Sewanee's regular summer session. Normally taken in tandem with FREN 321. Prerequisite: One course in French numbered 300 or higher or placement.

FREN 321     Studies in Culture and Literature Abroad  (4)

Complementary on-site study of French language and civilization within the framework of the Sewanee Summer-in-France program, with emphasis upon cultural readings and literary topics that should be of particular interest when explored on site in France. Prerequisite: One course in French numbered 300 or higher or placement.

FREN 322     Langue, Littérature, Culture in Paris  (4)

Intensive grammar review and vocabulary expansion - specifically, the acquisition of pivotal expressions which aid in modulating the flow of the French sentence; the overall goal is to improve one's compositional skills for the various writing assignments required while studying in Paris. Literary and cultural reading is also discussed and analyzed in the second part of the course, with excursions to an author's Parisian address or to important places in Paris connected to the author's life. This course is part of the Sewanee Semester in Paris. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or FREN 313.

FREN 323     Advanced French Language and Oral Expression  (4)

An advanced language course designed to help students with their writing skills by promoting mastery of French syntax and by enriching academic vocabulary. To help with oral improvement, Sewanee students are exposed to French theater, dance, music, and cinema at some of the great performing arts centers in Paris, and to prepare for each of the performances, they have assigned readings to be discussed in class; then in follow-up to each outing, the fine-arts experience offers a shared context that can likewise be discussed and analyzed, also in the design of improving oral fluency. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or FREN 313.

FREN 324     Contemporary France  (4)

A course meant to facilitate the integration of students into contemporary life in France by offering an anthropological view “from within,” stressing such themes as French econo-political culture, societal and administrative structures, education, intellectual life and the press, justice, immigration, France’s participation in the European Union, among other modern-day issues. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or FREN 313.

FREN 325     19th Century French Painting and Sculpture  (4)

A course focusing upon the evolution of great painting and sculpture in nineteenth-century France, from neo-classical representation toward modernity. There will be one classroom meeting a week to discuss theoretical and analytical issues linked to various artistic movements and affiliations, along with a weekly visit to Parisian museums in order to study on-site some celebrated exemplars of those same movements and affiliations. Prerequisite: FREN 300 or FREN 313.

FREN 401     Early French Literature  (4)

Readings and criticism in French literature from 'La Chanson de Roland' to 'Montaigne,' with an emphasis on the evolution of narratology and poetics, and on the role of women. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 403     The Seventeenth Century  (4)

Readings in baroque poets, Descartes, Pascal, LaFontaine, moralistes, Boileau, as well as in the great dramatists of the century: Corneille, Moliere, and Racine. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 405     The Eighteenth Century  (4)

A study of the stylistic strains of the century, with particular emphasis on enlightenment writings and on the development of the novel and of comedy: Montesquieu, Marivaux, Voltaire, Diderot, Rousseau, Beaumarchais, Isabelle de Charriere, Andre Chenier, among others. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 407     The Nineteenth Century  (4)

A survey of movements in prose and poetry from the Revolution into the years just following the Second Empire: Romantics, Parnassians, Realists. Emphasis on Chateaubriand, Lamartine, Vigny, Musset, Hugo, Balzac, Stendhal, Flaubert, Baudelaire, and Zola. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 409     Contemporary Literature  (4)

A study of twentieth-century poetry, prose, and theater through cultural analysis. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 411     Culture through History  (4)

A study of the historical and societal frames within which the weave of French civilization has spun itself forward through the centuries. Close attention is paid to moments of national crisis and to political arrangements, to daily life within the periods examined, and to aesthetic achievement and stylistic trends along the way. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 413     Modern France Through Film and Text  (4)

A view of modern France since World War II examined through films selected for their historical-cultural revelations (along with preparatory study of scripts and/or written works tied to the films), through literary and journalistic texts echoing significant events and social trends, and through audio recordings of famous speeches and songs (the texts of which are likewise to be studied within their societal context.). Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 415     The History of French Cinema  (4)

A survey of French films from the invention of cinema to the contemporary period, with an emphasis on points of connection with American cinema. From the Lumieres brothers to Melies, from Pathe and Gaumont to Surrealism (Clair, Bunuel, Cocteau), from Abel Gance to realism (Renoir, Carne) and from "New Wave" (Resnais, Godard, Truffaut) to "Modern Cinema" (Lelouch, Malle). Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 417     Topics of the French-Speaking World  (4)

An examination of the French-speaking world and its language, literature, culture, art, music, and political life. Topics vary from year to year, but the course would typically include cultural themes, novels, short stories, poetry, film, and drama from France, French-speaking Europe, North and West Africa, Quebec, and the Antilles. Repeatable for credit one time with change of course topic. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 418     The Art of French-English Translation  (4)

A study of the subtleties of translating the written word, primarily from French to English. Texts varying in topic: journalistic, artistic, scientific, political, technical, business, musical, travel, and literary prose, among others. The course places a considerable emphasis on developing advanced French language skills to impart breadth of expression in both languages. Prerequisite: FREN 314.

FREN 419     Introduction to French Linguistics  (4)

An introduction to French linguistics. A survey of historical and theoretical issues such as syntax, morphology, and phonology. Considerable emphasis on phonetics and pronunciation. Aspects of applied linguistics include language variation, usage, and acquisition, as well as pedagogical concerns. Prerequisite: FREN 314 or placement.

FREN 435     French and French Studies Senior Seminar  (4)

Preparation of an in-depth research paper in French on a topic approved by the seminar professor pertaining to an aspect of French/Francophone literature or culture, and preparation also for the oral defense of the paper at semester's end. Research strategies for obtaining source materials in French are explored and utilized, and writing techniques and style are fine-tuned. Required of all majors in French and French Studies.

FREN 440     Directed Reading  (2 or 4)

This is a course designed to help majors who, for exceptional reasons, may need to complete reading in a certain area. Open only to students pursuing majors in French or French studies.

FREN 444     Independent Study  (2 or 4)

For majors who wish to pursue, during the Advent semester of their senior year, a readings and research project culminating in a paper of some length on a chosen topic. Applicants for this project must have a 3.50 GPA in French and French studies, and a brief abstract of the proposed study must be submitted to the department for approval prior to enrollment in the course. Open only to students pursuing majors in French or French studies.